Online Gambling Germany

Despite the attempt to ban or limit online gambling in Germany, latest reports indicate that the trend is actually increasing with each day that passes. Attempts by the state to outlaw online gambling in the country as means of protecting state monopolies in Germany has not achieved anything significant worth noting. In fact, recent surveys indicated that more than two million Germans use the internet to carry out some form of online gambling.

Germany is a gambling nation. Online gambling in the country is an exercise that keeps growing with each passing day with a lot of adults in the country participating in poker, lotteries, and other online games offered by a lot of online betting sites. Attempts to break down the numbers based on gender have shown that more than 1.8 million German adult men, and slightly more than 400, 000 women gambled in a single year.

Among other online casino gambling options available to Germans, a recent poll suggested that lottery wagering is one of the most popular gambling option enjoyed by more than 59% of online gaming enthusiasts. Poker comes in second with 22% while sport betting comes in third with 18%. As of today, the numbers of those who prefer playing or gambling online seems to have increased beyond the estimated figures.

The popularity of online gambling in Germany is hard to comprehend. Despite a number of attempts to discourage this activity, records indicate that the number of German citizens that get hooked up to online gambling is increasing at unprecedented rates with others calling for the modernisation of Germany’s gambling rules and regulations as this is a fight that the government seems to be terribly failing on.

According to those in favour of online gambling, attempts by the government to ban online gambling may end up being disastrous as it may pave the way for a black market that may end up to be a thriving business. To avoid such, there is a need to ensure that the state issues licenses to online gambling providers in addition to ensuring that such companies are monitored so that they do not engage in other illegal activities such as money laundering.

As of 2010, online gambling in Germany grew to more than € 5 billion with such figures in excess of € 10 billion today. This is a clear indication that online gambling in Germany is a trend that keeps on growing with every year that passes. Currently, there are tough laws that outlaw online gambling in Germany. However, this does not mean that Germans cannot place their bets online. There are a lot of foreign betting sites located out of the country and a lot of people have resorted to using them to place their wagers.

Germany seems to be at crossroads when it comes to online gambling. Even though there are tough regulations in place aimed at addressing online gambling, nothing positive seems to be achieved with statistics showing that online gambling in the country has skyrocket. The thrill of winning real money has made a lot of German citizens to resort to online gambling with reports indicating that such numbers keep on increasing with each day that passes.